Spring Break in Barbados: Not your Mother’s Holiday (or is it?)

It's the Island Life for me!

It’s the Island Life for me!

Barbados, West Indies  – April 1989

Mom took me to the Caribbean as an early college graduation present. At first I wasn’t all that enthused seeing as I had just had my first incidence of skin cancer (suspicious mole removed from my belly).  But prompted by my mother’s complete disregard for her only daughter’s health and my own addiction to sun worshipping,

I quickly came around to spending my last spring break soaking up some Caribbean rays.

One night mom and I headed out to a bar to drink a few rum punches and boogie a bit. Of course, mom gets asked to dance first. (My mum is beautiful and always gets asked before me, even in my prime at 21…In fact, it happened again just a couple of months ago at a jazz club in San Francisco — even at xx (a non-disclosed figure) she’s still reelin’ them in.) So we go out on the dance floor to shake out tail feathers a little and have a few.

This punch packed quite a whallop

This punch packed quite a whallop

Before we know it we’re both sloshed. Sam (that’s me mum) more so than me (as I mentioned, I was in my college prime), but still we both got pretty goofy.

We go back to the room and it’s only like 10:00 pm, so we decide to play poker with jelly beans. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but then we ended up eating a lot of the “chips,” and the rest just sort of rolled to the floor.

Besides by then the room was spinning, so we abandoned our high-stakes blackjack to go sit on the balcony, get some fresh air, and stare at the stars. I can’t tell a lie. One of us (name withheld) did do a little heaving that night.

Let’s just say the gagging noises were very ladylike. Actually, come to think of it, I might’ve heaved too, can’t remember.



Sam, the ultimate lady (99% of the time)
Sam, the ultimate lady (99% of the time)

All in all, we shared a pretty successful spring break, not to mention some quality mother-daughter bonding.

As an aside, one guy asked me if my melanoma scar was a liposuction scar.  As I said, it’s on my belly and it was definitely bigger and a bit more raggedy than it should’ve been since I had Berkeley medical students practicing on me…


Still liposuction?

Save me from the sexy sweet talk, buddy…


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