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bookcase_stairs_4I consider myself a pretty savvy organizer. But my new friend Stephanie let me in on a secret: Stair Storage. Ingenious!

Now, we all know about utilizing shelves under the stairs – this is a no brainer. But “stairs as drawers” and “stairs as bookshelves”?

Granted the bookshelves could make you a little dizzy climbing up and down those stairs, but the drawers are tres cool!

Stepping up!

An average stair is 4 feet wide, the “riser” is about 7 inches, and the depth is about 7-8 inches. There is a formula for calculating the number of steps one should have for a particular height — 8 foot, 10 foot, etc.

Most staircases have at least 10 stairs, which means 8 drawers – just think of all the treasure you could hide in there…like:

  • · stairs_drawers_3Seasonal clothes
  • · Kid’s toys
  • · Pet supplies
  • · Stationery
  • · Wrapping supplies
  • · Extra toiletries / cosmetics
  • · DVDs & CDs
  • · Extension cords & light bulbs
  • · Sewing kit
  • · Table linens

I’m sold! Of course, I don’t have a staircase in my house. Hey wait, in 3 weeks, I won’t even have a house anymore!

Doesn’t matter – I’m filing this notion away for safe keeping: Stairs = ripe storage space!

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