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Project PEARLS photoEarlier this week the Philippines suffered the effects of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), one of the strongest recorded storms in history with winds reaching 235 mph at landfall.

More than 11.5 million people in 9 different districts have been affected, with more than 5,000 dead and 670,000 people displaced by the storm. While half of the displaced are in shelters, the rest are living in the open and in desperate need of food, water, and medicine.

How we can help:

Immediate Help: The Clinton Global Initiative (GCI) is helping to meet the immediate needs caused by the storm’s devastation, including supporting organizations providing medical attention to the injured, those searching for survivors, and myriad on-the-ground efforts. Here is a list of the orgs CGI put together to support immediate relief efforts.

Long-term Rebuilding: Give2Asia is a nonprofit organization that supports local charity efforts. The organization focuses on helping longer-term recovery efforts including rebuilding homes, vital infrastructure, and livelihoods. Here’s Give2Asia’s Global Crisis Relief map which shows where and how the organization is helping, including listing shelters, supply drop-offs, and other critical information.

My Donation: For my part, I’ve made a $250 donation to Give2Asia’s Typhoon Yolanda Disaster Recovery Effort in the Philippines. Give2Asia is a past consulting client of mine. I worked with them during the 2004 Asian Tsunami disaster and learned then how they work to engage local responders, focus on local engagement, and promote long-term economic recovery long after other relief agencies are gone.

Care to join me in making a donation? C’mon! Let’s pull together to help our friends in the Philippines through this devastating time.

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