The Art of the Tan

This is not an image of Erin

This is not an image of Erin

I know it’s not politically correct, or even medically healthy, but I am a sun-tanning die-hard. In fact, I consider sun tanning a lost art and I am happy to share with you the best way to achieve an all-over bronze.

There are 3 key steps:
Patience: Start slowly and build up a base tan over time. I know this is difficult to do when you only have a 1-week vacation, but limit yourself to only 2 hours a day during non-prime time sun (12:00-2:00 pm). Gradually increase length of time in the sun and exposure to the full range of prime-time sunning hours.

Protection: Wear 30 spf all the time. No exceptions. And wear a hat too.  I always travel with several long sleeve shirts and sarongs to cover up when I’ve had my share of sun.

Posing: An even tan is hard to get. First, buy a bikini without weird straps. Then be sure and spend equal amounts of time on your stomach and back. And here’s the clincher: Don’t forget the insides of your arms! Flip those paws over to tan the sleek white insides of your elbows. Perfect!

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