Himalayas: Facts & Photos *Video*

Here’s the thing… I’m *really proud* of some of my Himalayans photos – so I wanted to share them with you! And to go along with this photo essay are also some Himalaya factoids, another favorite of mine. Enjoy!


  • Himalaya means “abode of snow” in Sanskrit / Deavangari. The higher regions of the Himalayas are snowbound throughout the year.
  • The Himalayan mountain system is the world’s highest, and home to the world’s highest peaks —those over 8,000 meters.
  • Aconcagua in the Andes stands at 6,962 meters (22,841 feet) and is the highest peak outside of Asia. Yet there are more than 100 mountains in the Himalayan system that are higher than Aconcagua.
  • Geologically, the Indian tectonic plate created the Himalayas more than 70 million years ago. And the plate continues to move today, so the Himalayas keep getting higher.
  • The Himalaya region is home to the highest lakes. I actually thought Lake Titicaca on the border of Peru and Bolivia was the highest – but that’s the world highest navigatable lake.

Panoramic View

Can’t see this video? Click on this link: Annapurna Panorama

And the Photos

Here’s a collection of my favorite shots from my recent Annapurna Base Camp trek.



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