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Erins_File_SystemHello Paperless World!

I’m off on a campaign to rid myself of my final 3 boxes of files. I don’t have a lot of paper anyway, and now I won’t have any! (Well, very little anyway…)

My goal is only 1 file box of paper – mainly 7 years of tax returns, a few pieces from my writing portfolio and about 10 files of current information. After only 4 ½ hours of sorting paper, I achieved my goal! Yippee!

Here’re 3 reasons why scanning is so great:

Benefit #1 – Preserving Memories

Photos: Several years ago, I went through and found my favorite 200 photos and took them in to have them scanned and uploaded on a CD. I used a shop called Digital Pickle and if I remember correctly they charged between $0.25 -$0.40 cents a photo (depending on the quantity). So, for less than $100 bucks, my most precious memories are preserved. Totally worth it!

I’ve also recently took apart a few photo albums, deciding to ditch the bulky bound books and just save the photos. These are in a pile to be scanned and placed into digital files that I can easily access. In all, I’m a little less enamored with scrap books than I used to be.

Benefit #2 – On-the-Road Access

This information usually falls into the category of “you don’t need it, ’till you need it.”

  •  Medical: Eyeglass prescription, doctor’s contact information, health insurance policy information, international health card with current vaccination record.
  •  Identification: Copies of your passport, driver’s license, social security card – all helpful if you lose your wallet and need to replace these documents.
  • · Legal: Copies of trademark applications, client and subcontractor contracts, wills and power of attorney documents.
  • · Business: Copies of taxes, marketing and portfolio materials, including branding files and logos, and current / recent client work to draw on.
  • · Creative: Back up files containing creative writing pieces. You never know when you’ll be inspired and need to finish that short story now!

Benefit #3 – Shared Information

The great thing about all my scanned documents is that I store them on my virtual vault, which not only allows me to access the information from anywhere in the world, but allows others to access the documents too.

pile_of_shreddingFor instance, if I’m in a tragic accident, I’ll have my insurance card with me, but it’s probably a family member who’s going to help navigate the insurance policy to ensure I get repatriated home for care. With the scanned docs, she’ll (ok, ok, this will probably be Mom) have immediate access to all my insurance policy information.

A Shredding Fiesta

Wow – I feel “lighter” already – Like I’ve literally shed my skin! And now that the sorting and scanning is done, I’m about to embark on a shredding party. Attendees: me and several Corona and Mary J. Blige.

So what better way to spend a cold rainy Sunday afternoon? Start your own paperless campaign next weekend! And think how you can use all that shredded paper to ship your holiday presents!


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