The Power of Pets – *Video*

Kitty_in_BlanketMy Mom’s cat McIver passed away today. He was over ten years old, was on dialysis for the last 18 months and died of kidney failure.
He was a sick little kitty and we’re glad he isn’t in any pain, but we’re sad and crying for our loss. He was good smart cat, with tons of personality.

So I’m thinking about the McIv this morning, and my own kitties: Sgt. Pepper and Lovely Rita (that’s one of them in the pic!).

When asked what I’ll miss the most on my upcoming journey, I always say my kitties. In fact, they’re about the only things I’ll miss, since friends I can talk to and will continue to visit.

I’ve found them a good home – the best actually! They’ll be staying on here at the mini house with my friends Ken & Jerry, who asked to take them. Perfect — I couldn’t have asked for a better adoptive family!

And yet, I’ll miss them terribly. When I was considering adopting my kitties (I was originally just fostering them temporarily), I was told not to, since I’d be traveling so much. I did it anyway. And it was one of the best decisions of my life.

I credit my kitties with teaching me how to love again after several bad break ups. They literally helped me heal up my heart and I have no doubt they have made me a better, more open person. They have expanded and enriched my life. Two little kitties did this.

But let’s be real. They also broke many irreplaceable valuable objects of art in my house. But really? Who needs hand blown glass figurine anyway, when you can have a warm snuggling that purrs at night. I rest my case.

Watch Erin’s Kitties at Play

The Power of Pets

I didn’t truly understand the power of pets until I adopted mine. I used to think people were a little loony about their animals. Now I’m the crazy one. No, truly, I’m just a whisker away from a certifiable crazy cat lady.

Which is why I understand how much McIver will be missed.

I’ll miss my kitties when I go, even though I know they’re being loved and cared for (and running free so, in truth, probably happier). But they’ll always hold a little piece of my heart.

This is the power of pets.

p.s. I will give a donation to Pets Unlimited, the first no-kill shelter in San Francisco, in McIver’s name.

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