Thelma: Day #1 – Northern California Coast

CA_coast• Number of miles driven:  223

• Amount of money spent:  $76.94 ($64.90 motel, $17.00 dinner, $1.50 coffee, $3.54 candle and water)

• Best pic: Cali coast line

• Song of the Day (meaning that I played it at least 3 times, probably more): Cher’s Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.

• Number of times I almost drove off the road: 3

• Number of times someone said “Howdy Cowgirl:” 1

• Nighttime abode: Garberville, CA

• Special purchase: 1 Fresh Melon Slice candle to mask the stale smoking smell in my room.

So I was channeling Cher today, and let me tell you I sounded exactly like her (no, really)!

I knew I was a singer in the making when on a family car trip I decided to sing every Barbara Streisand song (it was the 70s). Seeing, or rather hearing, my new-found dedication to song, my parents hired me a voice coach, who after 1 lesson declared that my voice “needed to mature.” Ouch.

Well, that was when I was 13, and by now my voice has matured. I think so anyway. Pretty sure.

As an aside, on that road trip we were going to visit my 16-year old brother, who was up to shenanigans and therefore sent to a monastery. That’s right – a monastery.  When I was up to my own shenanigans a few years later and my parents threatened me with a nunnery, I knew they weren’t kidding.

Can you see it? Sister Erin Mary Katherine …I don’t think so.


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