Thelma: Day #6 – West Glacier, MT

tee_pee1• Number of miles driven:  167

• Amount of money spent:  $107.95 ($60.00 tee pee, $8.95 dinner, $8.00 lunch, $4.75 coffee, $32.25 supplies (flashlight, wood for fire, ice, etc.)

• Best pic: Tee Pee Living 

• Song of the Day: Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes

• Audio Book: Brain, Mind & Spirit: The Wisdom of the Human Body, a lecture by Dr. Sherwin Nuland

• Number of times I almost drove off the road: 1

• Nighttime abode: LakeFive Resort

I have to admit this audio lecture was bit heady for me – haahhahahahahah!  Actually, it made me smile several times and laugh outright once. I once bought one of Dr. Nuland’s books, How We Die, as a present for my father. He didn’t much care for it, and in retrospect, maybe it wasn’t such a fabulous gift.

The book was how the body actually shuts down while dying. Dr. Nuland’s lecture, though, focused on how the intricacies of our bodies help keep us alive. A much better topic in my opinion!

And let me tell you, camping helps remind us that we’re living. The fresh air, lake swimming, the smell of campfires.  In fact, I spent a good part of my night last night working on building my campfire which – as you campers know – is an art.

The problem was I bought wood, but had no kindling. I was trying to light the fire with colored newspaper, sending noxious fumes into the night sky, while gathering small twigs to feed the flames. This whole exercise was a bit dicey since I had seen a snake earlier, so crawling around the ground at night picking up long dark things was not so very cool.

I worked on the fire for about 1.5 hours, spurred on because I could see my neighbors’ crackling’ fires through the woods (they were taunting me!)

In the end, I got  a lot of smoke and a bit of a flame going, but no roaring fire. It’s OK though, I still had a good time. Because, let’s face it, I’m a girl who likes to play with fire.

p.s. Yes, that’s a lake-side tee pee where I’m staying for 2 nights. I know, I know, I poo-poo’ed tee pee living in Thelma – Day #2 but I’m calling on a woman’s perogative. I now dig tee pee living! (for 2 nights anyway…) Note: Due to the snake sighting, I set up my tent inside the tee pee — can’t be too careful.


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