Thelma without Louise: American West Road Trip Re-cap

Erins_Road_Trip• Total miles driven: 3,150

• Most miles driven in a day: 416

• Total money spent:  $1,870.56

• Most expensive motel: $153.70 (Jackson Hole)

• Song of the Trip:  The Commitment’s Destination Anywhere (my anthem)

• Favorite place:  Grand Tetons, WY

• Best Meal: Wake Up in Jackson Hole, WY – So good I ate here 2 days in a row. Sebastian, originally from Romania, whipped up two fabulous breakfasts for me: fresh squeezed o.j., a perfect latte, a vegetable frittata (sprinkled with sea salt) and a bacon and egg crepe that was to die for. Yum!  Be sure and check it out if you’re in the ‘hood.

• Worst Meal:  The Chalet: House of Omelettes, Eureka, OR.  Yes, breakfast is my favorite meal, but this was the pits and the owner Vera was downright rude. (I don’t think she liked my cowboy hat…). I ordered an asparagus omelet and given my California perspective expected fresh asparagus, not canned. I literally was sick for the entire day (as in pulling over to the side of the road sick). Don’t go – ever.

So, me being me, I gave myself a few rules or “guidelines” when I started out:

1) No fast food restaurants – no BK, Micky D’s or running to the border, which I abided by. I did stop once for a peanut parfait at Dairy Queen, so maybe I cheated a little.

2) No picking up hitchhikers – the fact that I needed a rule to stop myself is scary in its own right.

3) No chain coffee places, ie: no Starbucks – this was great, because I visited the local coffee joints in each town – places of plenty of personality! Look for a posting on An American Cup o’ Joe coming up.

4) Little interstate driving – which was a great decision!  I took back roads 90% of the time – just me and my biker buddies and the open road. (that is until I reached Highway 80.)

5) No driving at night – safety concern

6) Try to keep the hotels under $100 bucks – do-able except on weekends in hot spots like Jackson Hole and Sun Valley. I had a budget of about $2,500 for 2 weeks, so I came in well under — nice!

All in all, it was a fabulous trip! In fact, the wide open spaces and ability to “just go” got under my skin, giving me lots of food for thought during this time of transition for me.  Hmmmmmm….maybe that’s what I’ll decide to do next: Just go.  


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