Thelma without Louise: An American Adventure

ThelmaI’ve decided to get the hell out of Dodge and hit the open road. I’ll be gone anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks and while I have a destination in mind, if I get lost, it can change. I’m hoping to get an eyeful of small-town America along the way.

I just decided on this little jaunt about 36 hours ago, but I’ve got a 2007 road atlas, my buck knife and my cowboy hat (which I think makes me look bad-ass).

Total trip prep included:

  • • Car wash & Full tank of gas
  • • Trip to library for audio tapes. I checked out 10 of them. #11 was a 70-minute tape on How to Meditate. Some other time perhaps.
  • • Sleeping bag. In case I need to sleep in the car.

We’ll see if I make it without any traffic violations: My driving track record isn’t so great. For more insight on this subject, check out: My Need for Speed  

When I told a friend I was taking off, he said, “Of course, that’s who you are: Go Erin Go.”  Quite right. Now it’s time for me to….Go!

I’ll be posting every day from the road – hope you’ll follow along with me on my adventure!


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