Trannie Revenge: Curried Chicken

Phuket, Thailand

Eeeeowwwwwe... dangerous chickenThis one was early on in my traveling days, and yet still so vivid. I remember buying a piece of curried chicken from a transvestite at the end of the pier after arriving on the island of Phuket…in the middle of the day….in the hot sun. The chicken was yellow-ish, but I thought that was the curry seasoning. 

After eating it I was floored for 4 days in my bungalow: delirious as I lay in mosquito netting, in a reed hut, on the beach, with no bathroom. Every hour, I crawled out of my hut on my hands and knees to puke neon-green bile in the sand and crawl back in. I was a poor graduate student at the time with no health insurance, so going to a doctor was out of the question until I became so dehydrated it was the only option. Some fluids and antibiotics and I got better (pretty quickly actually).

The real kicker was I was on holiday with my boyfriend who just left me for hours (if not days – who knows how long?) on end to go pick up other girls. A real gem of a guy.

A couple of girls (the ones he was hooking up with) stopped by the hut to check on me. Nice of ‘em.

This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 13th, 2009 and is filed under Food & Drink.

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