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Tom_2One thing I love about having the web site is that it’s an easy way for me to talk to new people.

(Not that I ever really have trouble talking to strangers – actually, maybe that’s the problem…)

For instance, when I broke down on my recent road trip (Mini Meltdown), I got to meet and hang out with Tom, the tow truck driver.

We spent about 3 hours chatting during the tow from Reno to Sacramento and I found out that he does quite a bit of charity work.

See, Tom used to own a biker bar (he’s apparently an outlaw biker – but a very nice one) and he did several charity events related to his bar and patrons.

UnCommon People engaging in everyday philanthropy – Gotta love it!

Watch The Video:

No Video? Click on this link: Tom, Outlaw Biker

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