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Rhong_House_InteriorRhong Houses are Vietnamese traditional community houses found throughout villages in the Central Highlands. These houses are the core of the community life, hosting guest receptions, village weddings and prayer gatherings. Rhong houses are also a reflection of the village’s wealth and a place of great pride for local villagers.

Generally made of wood, the rhong houses stand on stilts, to protect the house against flooding in the wet season. Rhong houses reflect the tribal traditions and design / decoration preferences of each village. The rafters are patterned with religious (mainly animist) icons, legends of local folklore and scenes of village life.

Common features include a roof made from dried gianh leaves (like palm leaves) and supported by 8 wooden columns. Many rhong houses feature an image of the God of Sun.

The rhong house we visited was in the village of Tat (about 25 kilometers from the highland town of Dalat) and was filled with gourds for storing rice wine, benches along the walls, and musical instruments. It also had a massive water buffalo skull.

The Tat village was actually in the process of building a new rhong house, just across the way from the current house. A sure indication that the village is prospering!

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