What is Adventure Philanthropy?

GoErinGo is all about my Adventures in Living & Giving.

It’s basically an adventure philanthropy lifestyle, defined as equal parts inspiration and destination:

  • Inspiration:  Most of what I do in life revolves around philanthropy. I’m passionate about the idea of “participatory philanthropy” — that you don’t have to be rich to help people and to engage in a meaningful way. I’m committed to the idea of affordable, accessible philanthropy. We can be involved through voting, donating, sharing ideas. Philanthropy for all of us unCommon people!
  • Destination: Travel is another of my great passions – and it’s through this lens that I view my philanthropy. So as I traipse around the world, I stop off to volunteer and to help others. To me, travel is all about gaining perspective and understanding how we can increase our own humanity.

Most importantly, life is to be lived with gusto and in the extreme, which is why I’m a sucker for adventure sports and I‘ve adopted a mini lifestyle. It’s all just one fabulous existence and I invite you to share your own adventures with our community of Adventure Philanthropists™!

For instance, you can get to know people like Nieve and Caroline, British doctors administering pain medication to those living with HIV/AIDS and cancer in Kampala’s slums. Or Wolf, who I met in Russia, and attended a week-long rave in the mountains bordering Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. (OK, so Wolf wasn’t healing the sick, but he did attend one kick-ass party!)

And yes, I have a few crazy stories of my own…Here are just a few to whet your whistle:

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