Which OZ Animal do you LOVE and want to support? – Giving U™


In celebration of upcoming Valentine’s Day, we Adventure Philanthropists are going to adopt the Australian animal we *love * the most!

You vote and the GoErinGo! Fund will sponsor the care of one of these critters for 1 year! The contest will run through Feb. 28, so VOTE TODAY!

1.) Contest dates: February 7th – February 28th

2.) Tell us which Aussie animal you LOVE the most! Every Twitter @reply, Facebook post, or COMMENT on this blog post counts as an entry (one of each per person, please!).

3.) After the contest ends, we will select one lucky winner via random drawing to receive a Go Erin Go™ grab bag including a hat, a water bottle, and a pack of Emergen-C®.

4.) Don’t forget to vote in the poll to help determine where the funding goes, but remember: only COMMENTS on this post are entered into the contest!

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