Are You an Adventure Philanthropist?®

Are You an Adventure Philanthropist?

We Adventure Philanthropists are looking to engage in our communities in a meaningful way – through volunteering, giving small donations, or joining online conversations about issues we care about.

Check out these Adventure Philanthropists – everyday people who are doing extraordinary things:

  • Tracey is a mortgage broker living in Chicago who celebrates each deal she closes with a donation to the local animal shelter. She also fosters pit bulls saved from the fighting ring until permanent home can be found.
  • Nieve and Caroline are British doctors taking a gap year to administer pain medication to those living with HIV/AIDS and cancer in Uganda’s slums.
  • Tom is an outlaw biker and tow truck driver who every year organizes a local drive to donate Easter baskets to more than 400 kids in the Reno, Nevada area.

Spend Time Doing what we Love

The best part is we all get to define our own community – be it local or global. We choose how we want to be engaged through our own passions.  I talk about philanthropy in terms of travel because that’s what I love to do.

But really we can incorporate philanthropy into any activity. We can volunteer a day at the beach doing environmental clean-up or read stories to children. Or how about mentoring a budding businesswoman or helping new Americans navigate the workplace. We get to decide how to spend our time and share our talents!

Even More Fun!

The key to thinking about philanthropy is knowing that it actually enhances our experiences by:

  • Developing a deeper understanding of the issues we care about
  • Meeting other individuals who share our love of, say, cooking or cars
  • Knowing that our time is being spent to help others

We are all Adventure Philanthropists!

Write me today and share with us the great working you’re doing: Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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