Women with Weapons vs. Slutty Nurses

halloween_trioA year ago for Halloween I dressed up like a pirate, with an eye patch, a rockin’ feathered hat, a skull & crossbones flag, and – most importantly – a sword (albeit plastic).

After dinner, a group of us headed down the hill to the local hangout. Heading to the bar to buy another round, I met a woman – a cave woman actually (remember, it was Halloween.) She was carrying a club.

We were complimenting each other on our individual choices of bold attire, while putting down the “weaker” woman costumes. Like the Mouseketeer. I mean really, a grown woman dressing up like a little girl and a mouse simultaneously –please!

The Mouseketeer outfit was just one step away from the “slutty” outfits that women seem so fond of: slutty nurse, slutty maid, slutty teacher, slutty school girl.

Ok, ok, I did dress up once as a Catholic school girl – but I was a pregnant Catholic school girl, so it was more of a political statement about the Catholic Church, and less of a sexed-up child statement.

My question is: Why do many women take the occasion of Halloween – when you can take on a persona of anyone or anything you want – choose to be a woman that men can take advantage of? Why don’t more women grab that club?

It got me thinking about the state of feminism today and how we women perceive ourselves.

Definition of Feminism

The definition of a Feminist is a person who defends equal political, economic, and social rights and equal opportunities for women. Based on this definition why wouldn’t most people – especially women – consider themselves feminists? And yet, some women and men don’t. Although we all should.

Here’s to all the strong ferocious women out there who aren’t afraid to stand up for feminism and for themselves. Arrrrrrrgggg!!!!

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