Erin’s Pick in “Seven Most Bucket List-Worthy Destinations for 2011″

Paul Eisenberg’s article “Seven Most Bucket List-Worthy Destinations for 2011” was published on January 2, 2011 on

“If you haven’t seen the 2007 film “The Bucket List” about two terminally ill guys attempting to get through their must-do-before-they-die lists, neither did I. But I think we both get the idea. And author Patricia Schultz had already cemented the concept into the minds of travelers with her 2003 book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”.

Neither the movie nor the book suggests that you need to be dying to have a bucket list, of course, but if you use the concept to focus your trip planning a bit, you’ll see that destinations that find their way onto such lists often have certain things in common. The places are often expensive or difficult to reach, or hard or dangerous to navigate, or a combination of those things. One characteristic that all bucket-list worthy destinations seem to share is that to fully get why the place is so special you really have to go there. That said, here are seven picks from travelers who have been there…”

And the GoErinGo mention:

Sahara Desert, Northern Africa

“Beginning in Fiji on New Year’s Day 2011, Erin Michelson is kicking off a two-year, 70 country, seven continent tour that’ll likely put a nice dent in her bucket list, but her favorite place among the more than 60 countries she’s visited so far is the Sahara Desert. “What I liked so much about it was the sheer vastness of the space and the vivid color of the never-ending dunes. It was completely wild and remote and incredibly vibrant,” she says, and key to the experience was seeing the desert by camel.  A two-day camel safari took her “through Morocco’s Middle Atlas Mountains to the village of Merzouga at the edge of the Erg Chebbi dunes,” and among the stops was “a traditional Berber camp beside the largest dune in the Sahara, about 30 miles from the Algerian border.” Highlights included “singing and drumming with our Berber guides” around a “meager desert campfire” as they passed a whisky flask and “sleeping under the stars. The night was freezing and five of us of slept in all our clothes in what we nicknamed ‘The Valley of the Dung’ because of all the camel poop in the sand.” Average roundtrip airfare from New York to Morocco is two grand. Also, best to avoid the Sahara’s summer heat from June through August.”

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