Volunteering with Save the Bay!
Volunteering with Save the Bay!

There’s a lot to cover. So I’m just going to provide you with a glimpse of my life then, my life now, and my life right now – as an Adventure Philanthropist!

I’ve also included a few of my favorite things like:

  • Shopping & Fashion: It’s hard to be fashionable on the road — but I try! Also my thoughts on the best global markets.
  • Food & Drink: My all-time best and worst meals, plus some great recipes to try at home.
  • Social Issues: These are issues that I feel passionately about. Would love to hear your opinion too!

Would love to hear your favorites too! Write me: Erin@GoErinGo.com

Michelson Familly

I’m often asked why I’ve dedicated my life to giving back, volunteering and making donations where I can. The truth is that my giving comes from a place of gratitude.

I feel incredibly lucky to have the life I lead …

Botswana Sunset, photo by GoErinGo

The Summer Solstice is one of my favorite times of year. Really, what could be better than celebrating the longest day of the year?! Since I like it so much, I decided to find out more about it:

The Meaning

flamingo hiren photo

I recently took a class on how to meditate. For the first half hour or so we discussed what it means to meditate. Instead of achieving a blank state of mind, meditation is really about mindfulness, being present, focusing your …


This is basically a post about dumb dressing – particularly footwear. There were two occasions in particular when I deserved the title of “stupid gringa”:

Taganga, Taganga

My friend Karoline and I were hanging out at Colombia’s Tayrona National Park …

Main Meal

One of the things I enjoyed most about my recent trip to Trinidad & Tobago is the multiculturalism of the islands. Trinnis ancestry hails from Africa, South Asia, particularly India, Lebanon & Syria, and China (just to name a few).…


I recently learned that PBS received a grant to film and preserve several American Japanese internment camps used during WWII. This announcement sparked my interest, not only as a history buff, but also because I knew many of the camps …

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