Take the *Mini Makeover* Quiz

toes_in_gardenAnswer Yes or No to these 10 questions to find out if you’re ready to mini-ize your life:

  1. Are you feeling stressed?
  2. Is your house is messy?
  3. Do you need more time to relax?
  4. Do you do chores all weekend?
  5. Do you lack the time to exercise / play?
  6. Are you tired of wasting money?
  7. Do you want more quiet time to think?
  8. Do you dream of chucking it all? (Spouse, kids, dog?) – Sorry, see a psychologist for that.
  9. Do you fantasize about efficiency?  (Oops, maybe that’s me!)
  10. Do you want to have a greater sense of control?

If you answer “yes” to more than 5 of these questions – you’re in need of a *Mini Makeover*!

Here’re 3 easy steps to giving yourself a *Mini Makeover*:

model_bathroom_drawerStep 1:  Reduce clutter

Understand that mini-zing will give you more time in the end. An investment of a few hours to get rid of “stuff,” will go a long way toward freeing up your time long term.

Do-it Idea:  Reduce your bathroom clutter to the bare essentials: toss extra brushes, old make up, half-used potions. Have everything you need each morning handy and everything else put away. Think: “streamlined.”

Note: I went to photograph my bathroom drawer for this article and took 10 minutes to separate our my everyday make-up (to achieve that “natural” look) from my “special occasion” make up. Now I don’t need to pick through the different eye shadows each morning.  Which just goes to show you that you can always streamline a little bit more…

Step 2: Create time for yourself

Carve out a ½ hour each day to meditate, breathe, exercise, read, walk – anything that is your time alone to spend however you wish. Just 30 minutes.

Do-it Idea:  Get up a ½ hour earlier each day for 1 week and see how you spend that time. At the end of the week, you’ll be looking forward to the 30 minutes of “me time” and you’re feelings of satisfaction and love of humanity will increase. Really – try it!

Note: Those are my toes during my “me time” – chilling in the garden!

shiny_sinkStep 3:  Gain control

Basically you can choose to do one thing each day to exercise control over your environment. For instance, keep one area of the house spotlessly clean – create that one small corner of sanity.

Do-it Idea:  For 1 week, do not go to sleep at night with any dirty dishes, instead make sure you have a “shiny sink.” The relief of getting up each morning is palpable (and will be contagious to other area of your life).

Note: The “shiny sink” idea originated from the Fly Lady, who is wacky as hell, yet highly effective.

Any of this helpful? Write in and let me know if you’ve tried a Do-it Idea!


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