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Africa 2
My reward for a day spent climbing Mt. Sinai -- a beautiful sunset shared with this Bedouin traveler.

I love to travel and have BIG adventures! Even before I started my two-year trek, I was a seasoned globetrotter with more 60 countries under my belt.

Global Outings provides travelers with the inside scoop:

  • Before you Go: Advice on travel documents, money, insurance and more!
  • On the Road: Pointers on staying healthy and safe — while having fun — during your travels.
  • Back Home: Ideas on what to bring back and how to best preserve your memories.
  • How to Cope : How to cope with situations that annoy, frighten, depress you while you’re abroad.
  • What to Pack: The details of what to take and what to leave behind from a packing pro!

Can’t wait for you to join me on the road!

Road to Nowhere, photo by GoErinGo

I love  getting in my car and driving. It’s all about the open road, being behind the wheel, uncharted territory.

Here’re my 6 reasons to drive—instead of fly—to your next destination:

#1. You’re in the driver’s seat. Getting behind the …

Image Car Camping Packing List copy

Not even two days after my “Staying Put” Party I did the unthinkable – I planned a trip. Doh!

Utah Bound

But how was I supposed to turn an invitation to go to a wellness spa with friends in Utah? …


Last week, my good friend Marianna asked me during one of my recent readings how I had changed after my two years abroad. I said I was more serious. She gave me a sad face. But it’s true.

I think …

Little Angel in Classroom

This month, our video Q&A features questions from three readers which I’ve never met in person, but who took the time to write in with questions – too cool!

Two of these questions are about finding volunteers opportunities overseas and …


Hiking and camping alone for the last several weeks, I’ve honed my ability to sniff out danger. Sure there were some predators to worry about, but my main concern was the wrath of Mother Nature.

Here’s how I dealt with …

Women Working in Field
I’m on a long trip and I’m a neat freak, so organizing my photos is kind of a big deal to me. It may seem a bit convoluted, but it’s working (as in, I can find the picture I want, …
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