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Erin_at_STBI went out to volunteer last Friday with Save The Bay. We were removing non-native species on the banks of the Palo Alto’s Baylands estuary, creating room for more indigenous wetlands plants. (Read: We were weeding.)

Volunteer Buddies

The weather was perfect, and I was out there with a corporate group of volunteers from KPMG. It was Oct. 8 and the company’s national volunteer day for the EVS and M&A groups from about 8 offices across the countries .

They told me they more than 1,000 KPMG volunteers nationwide were out that day. Very cool. I love it when a corporation encourages volunteering among their employees!

So KPMG basically let me crash their corporate day, and didn’t say anything when I walked up and started eating their bagels. Nice folks. I got to hang with Pineapple and Chocolate Chip. (We were named for the ice cream flavor we most resembled. I was Butter Pecan).

Save the Bay

Save the Bay is a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit (and a new consulting client of mine) that is dedicated to protecting, restoring and celebrating San Francisco Bay – Yahoo! They are working to re-establish 100,000 acres of wetlands. One of our restoration leaders, Jim, explains their work best:


Learning about the Bay

KMPG_at_STBOne of the best parts of my consulting business is working with different nonprofit groups and learning about important issues in more depth. Like the environmental work going on to preserve and clean-up the Bay, including:

•  Stopping Bay Fill: Sign a petition (I did!) to stop agribusiness giant Cargill from paving over 1,400 acres of restorable salt ponds in Redwood City. Cargill’s development plan would fill an area larger than San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, destroying forever of the opportunity to restore it.

•  Greening the Bay: Save the Bay’s ambitious 100,000 acre goal is actually in sight :44,000 acres of healthy tidal marsh exist today. 32,000 acres of restorable shoreline areas have been acquired and are being planned for restoration. 24,000 acres of restorable wetlands need to be protected for restoration. Come out and volunteer to re-plant today!

•  Preventing Pollution: Did you know that 90% of trash in our waterways does not biodegrade (I didn’t). The biggest threats to our Bay are motor oil, pet waste, trash, and other pollutants that are delivered through storm drains and flow directly into the Bay. Check out this list of where and how to safely dispose of toxins!

Go Erin Go! Fund Grant

To support this vital work and in celebration of the beautiful bay, the Go Erin Go! Fund will make a $1,000 donation to Save the Bay. Care to join me and 25,000 other Bay supporters? You can make a donation too!

What volunteer outings have you been on lately? Your favorite? Does your corporation supporting employee volunteering?

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