I got Married in Morocco

Innocently waiting to chow down

Innocently waiting to chow down

January 4, 2010 – Fez, Morocco

On a Monday night in January, I got married. Like most marriages, the blessed event took place before I even knew what hit me. I was innocently eating dinner, when some guy approached me and literally whisked me off me feet. And no, I wasn’t drunk (yet).

Suddenly I was in a private room with my clothes being removed by a bevy of women. And let me tell you, they were none too gentle neither. My husband was there too along with 3 other ladies. He took me aside to tell me I looked like the Elf Queen in Lord of the Rings. I’m not sure if this was a compliment or not.

Don't you be calling me your Elf Queen

Don’t you be calling me your Elf Queen

We were marched down the stairs and seated in a row in front of our guests. Then, one by one, each of us ladies were told to step into a gigantic basket and were lifted up onto the shoulders of the women who dressed us. We were then paraded around the room. The best part: I got to practice my “wash the windows” and “screw the light bulb” waves. 

As I crawled out of the basket it dawned on me…I was the third ride. The last woman to ride was still to come. Wha? You mean, not only did I get sucked into this sham of a marriage, but there are other wives…And I’m Wife #2?! Talk about adding insult to injury!

Now, I’m really ticked off about being first runner up. But then I learned afterwards that Wife #1 was an Italian woman and her real-life husband so enjoyed seeing her in the regalia that he bought the entire wedding outfit for her to take home. Now, that’s romantic.

Or kinda kinky. I can’t quite decide.


What couldn't I married of them them?
What couldn’t I marry one of them?
Me, my husband, and the Queen of Hearts

Me, my husband, and the Queen of Hearts

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