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The author is “a regular everyday person” who was able to have an extraordinary experience & make a real difference in the world, December 12, 2013, by TS Evans (palo alto, ca United States)

I absolutely LOVED this book! It’s a great read for anyone who loves adventure or traveling overseas. But what really sets this book apart from your standard travelogue is that the author puts a focus on having real, authentic experiences in each country she visits; Erin volunteers in local organizations, makes real connections with a vast array of people, builds friendships and, maybe most interestingly, makes a DIFFERENCE.

Erin chronicles her journey (62 countries over two years!) in an approachable, very witty style that really paints a picture (sometimes a little too well! The story of the one-eyed man ‘operating’ with a razor blade on her foot infested with worms? YIKES! Don’t read that part while eating breakfast :-) ) and she gives the reader the sense of being with a close friend while she tells you all about her experiences while enjoying a cup of tea together. As Erin puts it “she’s a regular, everyday person” who was able to have an extraordinary experience and make a real difference. I’m so glad she shared her journey in this awesome book.

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Beautifully written and inspiring! A must read!!!, December 31, 2013, by Marianna Pisano

I saw Erin speak at the Commonwealth Club and she was so engaging and interesting that I knew her book would be amazing. It did not disappoint. She transports you all over the world where she introduces you to people doing amazing things. She has a love for life, adventure and philanthropy and it rubs off! She got me excited to plan my next trip and to think about ways to engage with the people and issues on my next journey. This is a must read and I know you will love it!


Inspiring outlook and thoughtful way of life, January 27, 2014, by Leslie A. Theodore

There is much about the Adventure Philanthropist that inspires – from the author’s fearlessness to her willingness to live in the present. But what I find most refreshing is that in today’s consumer society here is an intelligent, capable young woman asking how she can give rather than take. That calling to give, to understand people and make the world around her a better place imbues all of Ms. Michelson’s writing. Her book is a delight and her spirit is genuine and generous. I highly recommend Adventure Philanthropist!


A must read: if you travel or not!, January 6, 2014, by Pamela Day (San Francisco)

Ms. Michelson’s shares her personal stories of connecting and contributing around the globe. What shocked me: This author is a ‘normal’ person, she is not a millionaire, nun or nutbag. Through reflection she realized the path she was on and the plan she had created for her life wasn’t what she really wanted out of life. So she forged a new path.

What I enjoyed: Adventure Philanthropist invited me to connect with the people and the places Erin traveled not as a tourist having countries spoon fed, but as a participant, ‘a part of’ if you will.

What I learned: History, and context for each place Ms. Michelson visited. And a deeper understanding of what daily life is like and what challenges are being faced by different people, animals and environments around the globe.

What I was given – the gift of Adventure Philanthropist: I don’t need to be Bill Gates or Mother Teresa to have an impact. A small gesture of pencils & paper, a few hours of my time participating in work that needs to be done is enough. My participation, my ‘part of’ will not solve, cure, or eradicate – but it may relieve the suffering a tiny bit, and hopefully provide a moment of joy.

Thank you Erin for not only for sharing your journey, but for demonstrating a more powerful/meaningful way to be human.


A great gift for yourself, friends and family!, December 24, 2013, by David G. Nottage III (San Francsico, CA United States)

Are you still scrambling for Christmas gifts? Or a birthday present? Or a Thank you gift? This is a great gift for yourself and others! Its easy to read all in one sitting or a few chapters at a time – whatever works for you. A very interesting book… Erin takes you around the world as she volunteers her time and helps you feel like you are there experiencing each adventure with her!

She traveled to beautiful places and difficult places, learned new things and revisited old favorites…but more importantly she connected with the local people to understand their experiences and identify opportunities to help those in need by sharing her time, experience, passion and energy! She lives out her belief that each and every one of us can help make the world a better place by donating our time and money… regardless of how much or little we have to offer. In the end, this is a very inspiring and fun book to read and share! You can even visit her blog at to see pictures that were taken along the way… buy it, give it and enjoy it!


Inspiration for the Adventure Philanthropist in Us All, December 12, 2013, by K. Ruggieri (San Francisco, CA)

Looking for a little inspiration to start your next adventure? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Erin shares her adventures volunteering around the world in vignettes that are the perfect length for your commute (provided someone else is driving the bus.) Or settle into your armchair, read more than one and travel to worlds you don’t usually get to see while still maintaining access to indoor plumbing.

Best of all, after you read about the fascinating people Erin meets and learn about the work they’re doing, you can go to her website to see pictures and videos of them! No passport necessary.

For anyone considering doing some volunteer work on their next vacation, or ditching it all and hitting the road, this book will provide the inspiration you’ve been looking for. We can all be Adventure Philanthropists so let’s go!


I enjoyed reading Adventure Philanthropist and would recommend it highly to anyone who is curious about the world we share., December 9, 2013, by Jerry Ann Cottrell (forest knolls, CA)

Just finished this book and bought a second copy to give as a gift. It is full of vignettes of the both the joys and foibles while making those journeys on the roads less traveled. There are also many beautiful photos/videos available on Ms. Michelson’s web site. The index has a very complete list of organizations already vetted. One thing I’ve learned is that a little contribution goes a long way toward helping those of us who are less fortunate.


Adventures in living and giving!, December 3, 2013, by Hilde Löfqvist

A great book about adventures around the world, combined with meaningful engagement for mankind. This book can help people to open their minds! The author has an excellent way of keeping you fascinated on every page!


An Excellent, Adventurous Read!, November 30, 2013, by Jon

I highly recommend this book. A great book journeyed by a great person. If you want to know what real traveling is this is it!


Perfect Gift of Imagination, Adventure and Spirit. Fantastic Read!!!, November 27, 2013, by Erin Gore

The perfect gift for yourself or the adventurer in your life. A great read, with stories that ignite the imagination and your spirit of doing for others. Visit all seven continents and 60 countries with the author and remember how fortunate you are and how wonderful it is to pay it forward and give back. If you love to jump on flights to exotic locations, love to give back at your local school or soup kitchen, or love sitting in your arm chair and travel in your min, this is a book for you.


A Fun, Inspiring, Interesting Read!, November 26, 2013, by Jennifer Benton

I went to hear this author speak at an event in San Francisco because I have become interested in combining travel with philanthropy and was really inspired by both the lecture and the book. I just finished the book and feel empowered by the fact that one non-celebrity, non-millionaire person can have such an impact on others, and have an incredible adventure while doing it. Highly recommended!


A Holistic well balanced summation of what it really means to travel., November 24, 2013, by Ryan Higgins “Higgy”

This text epitomizes what you truly gain from travel. The myriad of senses and emotions felt through every experience is articulated in a way that connects with anyone that has traveled or has a desire to travel and give. Most importantly, Adventure Philanthropist is a motivation to get out and make a difference in this world. You have to find the money and make the time. Traveling and giving is an investment in the greater good of humanity, after all you can’t take it with you. Well done Erin!


Erin Michelson offers a formula for a life with a greater purpose., November 22, 2013, by Rick Passo

This is a special book, written by especially enlightened soul, Erin Michelson, whose spirit, heart, humanity and sense of adventure leads her on a journey to empower others and to change the world. And, she effortlessly brings all of us along to learn lessons about life and about how to perform acts of kindness that will unite the world. She shares stories of hope in the midst of tragedy and resilience in the midst of adversity.

Her leaps of faith and trust in others are inspiring and uplifting. Her kindness and her sensitivity shine through every page.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone. I trust that every reader of this book will learn something that will bring then new insights about the human conditions and new strategies about how to lead a more meaningful life.


Great stories, great adventures, and great philanthropy for those in need around the world, November 22, 2013, by Thomas Ehrlich (Palo Alto, CA USA)

This is an amazing book by an extraordinary philanthropist. She manages to grab your interest as she navigates her way around the globe–on every continent and on the seas in between–as she volunteers to help those in need through local organizations. In the course of her travels she learns much about the world and about herself. She has a remarkable ability to tell a great story and in the process make you, as reader, want to engage in the kinds of civic work for vulnerable people that punctuated her world-wide adventures. She shows through the power of her prose how each of us can be both an adventurer and a philanthropist–making a difference in the lives of others.

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